How to refinish a louvered solid wood door

Refinishing a louvered solid wood door can be a challenge. Sometimes, if the door can be replaced with a similar door, it will be wise to buy a new unfinished door and apply the finish . You will avoid the stripping operation which can be very difficult if it was a painted finish and you want to achieve a wood finish. Swiss Woodwork, Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida just refinished such a door for a bathroom in a restaurant in Deerfield Beach, South Florida. The door was custom made and in this case it was worth it to use the door and refinish it. Unfortunately, the door was previously painted white and then later a painter applied a one time process finish consisting of urethane and dark stain creating a faux finish. The result was extremely poor. Swiss Woodwork, Inc. in Broward County was hired to refinish the door to a nice mahogany finish. It took us a lot of work and patience to refinish the door, but the result was very good. Here are the operations we took to accomplish the work.

  • Remove the door from the frame and deliver the door to the shop
  • Remove all the hardware from the door
  • Use the heat gun and scrape each slat of the door
  • Use the flow over system to clean the door with paint stripper
  • Sand the door with 150 grit and then 220 grit
  • Stain the door with gel stain which is the best stain for wood pine door
  • Install the door vertically so we are able to spray the door on both sides.
  • Apply sealer and sand between each coat
  • Apply a hard finish

Here are the pictures showing the operations we accomplished for this job.