Question and answer on finish

Each time we repair and refinish a table top, we always get the same question from the customer.

How can I maintain the new finish?

I respond by giving several comments and options.

  • The finish we apply is generally a hard finish for new furniture (antiques are different). It means we added a catalyst to the finish to make it harder. It will be resistant to water, wine and other products (the manufacturer describes all the information about the finish on their tech sheet).
  • The finish is generally mar and scratch resistant. It does not mean that if you throw your car keys on the top of the table, no damage will appear.
  • Even if you use an epoxy or polyester finish on your furniture (harder finish in the industry) you can still damage them.
  • Always use a table cloth when it is time to eat or fit 1/4 glass on the top. I know some people do not like glass on their wood furniture.
  • You do not need to use a special polish or wax to keep the finish in perfect condition.
  • Use a clean and soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Sometimes you can use lemon pledge on a rag and wipe your table to give a nice smell. But always small quantities and apply evenly.
  • People sometimes apply wax on their table and this is not the right material for the job. Small amount of wax is fine for antiques but not table top. It will attract dust and dirt on the finish.
  • In general, the new finish will last for years without any special product to maintain the surface.

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