How to replace a machine caning for a chair

We received a lot of calls about replacing the caning for chairs. First of all, you will have to determine if the caning is machine or hand caning. Machine caning is sold in a roll with different shapes. Choose the one matching the original caning. You will also have to pick the size of the […]

How to refinish a louvered solid wood door

Refinishing a louvered solid wood door can be a challenge. Sometimes, if the door can be replaced with a similar door, it will be wise to buy a new unfinished door and apply the finish . You will avoid the stripping operation which can be very difficult if it was a painted finish and you […]

How to remove an old finish ?

If you want to refinish a nice piece of furniture because the finish is old and brittle, you will have to remove the finish or we call this method stripping the finish to the raw wood. There are several technics you can use. First of all, you will have to be extremely careful with the […]

Question and answer on finish

Each time we repair and refinish a table top, we always get the same question from the customer. How can I maintain the new finish? I respond by giving several comments and options. The finish we apply is generally a hard finish for new furniture (antiques are different). It means we added a catalyst to […]


Wooden chairs are furniture we use every day. Over time, a chair starts to wobble due to movement of its joints. When a chair wobbles, it is time to repair it! First, you will need these tools and materials: Glue (white or yellow glue. Titebond brand is a good adhesive) Brush (1″ China brisle brush […]